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561 Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa 3118

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Junior Surf is about developing tomorrow’s lifeguards and opening up a whole new world to children.  By encouraging our children to have fun and to participate safely in the surf lifesaving spirit of fair play, it is an ideal way for them to develop and improve their surf lifesaving knowledge and skills for themselves, and one day possibly for others.  At the same time, they will have a ton of fun and some good, clean, healthy physical exercise and learn to be safe on the beach.  Regular participation in sport promotes growth and body awareness, assists fitness and the acquisition of skills and provides opportunities for the development of many personal and social skills.

The national Junior Surf programme is designed for 7-14 year olds but at Pāpāmoa we have extended this to include 5 and 6 year olds also (determined by the age the child is on September 30).  Each age group is assigned a coach and assistant coaches who will oversee the activities for the children in their group.   The activities will generally start off with a short warm up, followed by a mixture of some fun games, some races and competitions and some skill-based activities on the beach.  These will then be followed by some water-based activities, which will vary according to the age of the group.  

Junior Surf is on every Sunday from 10am-12pm over the summer months and will start in November and finish mid-March.  There is a two-week break over the Christmas/New Year period and there is no obligation to attend every weekend.  During the season there are various carnivals that the older children (7+) are encouraged to attend and at the and at the end of the season there is a Club Championships for all Pāpāmoa Surf Club members aged 5 +.



Purchase Uniform. Children must wear the club beanie and long sleeved rash shirt (or a high vis singlet if the child has sat and passed their 200m badge) at all times during the session. These items and the club togs are available for purchase at registration and on Sundays during the Junior Surf sessions. High vis vests must be worn if using knee boards.  We have other optional items available in our clothing range.  Board shorts are not permitted at all as swimming in clothing is a practice lifeguards actively discourage.  Wetsuits may be worn on colder days.


Parents are requested to accompany your children to Junior Surf. We realise that you may have children in different age groups – please let your age group coaches know if you are going between age groups. For safety reasons please do not just drop your children off at the beach.

Interested in coaching? If you are keen to take the journey and learn along with your kids and jump in with others with the same passion, then Nikki would love to hear from you info@papamoalifeguards.co.nz We will be holding some preseason coaching sessions and would love to see you come along to those.

200m SAFETY BADGE POOL TESTING ( From 9 Years and up):

We hold  preseason 200m pool testing session – (see Important Dates Calendar below)

Nippers MUST achieve their 200m badge before they can train or compete in water events which go beyond waist depth. This is a mandatory safety requirement which demonstrates that members are confident in the ocean and capable of returning to shore if they are separated from their equipment. This test must be repeated yearly and a copy of this certificate must be sent to the office info@Pāpāmoalifeguards.co.nz.

Nippers must swim 200m of a competent non-stop single freestyle stroke with no stopping or changing of strokes. The beginner pass time is 7 minutes with the expectation that the swim will be under 4.5 minutes by the time the child reaches 12 years of age. The assessments are done for safety purposes and the criteria will be upheld by Junior surf coaches. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can re-test but they must have swum their 200m competency test in order to participate in open sea and board training.

If the coaches are not confident that a child is a strong enough swimmer to tackle the conditions, whether it be training or at a carnival, they can stop the child taking part. This is not done lightly and is only done for the child’s safety


  In the case of a cancellation, or postponement, our Junior Surf committee will post a notification of  by 8.30am on the Junior Surf Facebook page (click this link)



WHO:               5-14 year olds **age as at midnight on the 30th September

WHEN:             Every Sunday from 10.00am-12.00pm over the summer months.

STARTING:       November  (see Important Dates Calendar below) and will finish mid-March 2018

Our head coach, will be launching two exciting new programmes aimed at extending the surf sports skills of Junior Surf members.  Preparing our athletes for some exciting competition events.  A highlight in the calender for some of our budding athletes will be the  “Oceans19” event will be a highlight for many of these athletes. Links below will take you to specific programme information:


WHO:              8-14 years old


WHO:              8-14 years old


WHO:             12-14 years old

Learning alongside the big-guns! Please clink this link for specific programme details

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Positive, safe, fun, healthy and educational for participants

  • Increased beach and water safety awareness

  • Participants learn new skills

  • Pathway to becoming a Junior then Senior Lifeguard

Remember to bring:

  • Water bottle

  • Sun-block – plenty of it

  • Towels and warm clothes for when they come out of the water

  • Loose change for the sausage sizzle & coffee cart!